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The greatest lessons you’ve have to take away from a heartbreak:

1. “Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.” ~Unknown

  • You need to love yourself enough to not try to put things back together.

When things break, we all have a tendency to want to fix them. There comes a point, though, when you have to put yourself first. You have to take those first steps toward making your own way, on your own terms. You have to know when to make your own heart the priority.

2. “Relationship crises are generally the result of two underdeveloped people attempting to create a partnership.” ~ Deborah Hecker, Ph.D.

  • Conclusions

Although a temporary break-up of a relationship can be painful, separation should be used as a time to make necessary changes in behaviors that have been harmful to the partnership. It can be thought of as a healthy signal that it is time to put some hard work into the relationship. Issues are not resolved with the simple words "I’m sorry" or the promise of "I love you."

3. “Sometimes you just have to sit back and accept reality. Accept fate. The potential is there. It always will be. But the disappointment is there, too.”

Not everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes the first chance is so perfectly laid out for them, so perfectly within grasp, and they fall and fail to grab a hold of it. And quite frankly, folks, that’s on them.

4. If you are contemplating getting back together, use your head as well as your heart before you decide to give your guy a second chance.

You broke up for a reason, and, unless that reason no longer exists, you will be revisiting the same issues that caused the problem initially. If your partner doesn’t realize or acknowledge what caused the pain in your previous relationship, the same actions will be repeated once again. Someone has to change to make the relationship work better this time. If your partner is willing to face the issues that caused your first breakup and consistently work for a better relationship now, then love can be even better the second time around.

5. When someone truly deserves a second chance, or when it’s time to ditch them and move on?

  • If He’s still waiting for you.

After someone has hurt you or told you lies it can be difficult to understand whether the person you are dating actually cares about you or not. If you are uncertain about his true feelings go on a relationship break and spend some time apart. Not only does a break mean you can’t get duped into forgiving him by his puppy-dog-pity eyes, the way he acts on the break will reveal what he truly wants. If he gets with other women and goes back to his bachelor lifestyle then he’s not worth forgiving, but if he stays faithful and puts his energy into changing his ways then maybe you should give him that second chance. He should have made an effort to make it up to you. Remember ladies, your forgiveness is a privilege that needs to be earned.

Lord, daang matuwid lang tayo ha? Pls

It’s just last Friday. And I got scheduled interviews today. Gusto kong matuwa kasi ang bilis kumilos ni Lord. Kaso ayan nanaman…sobrang bait mo po sakin lagi mo sinasabay-sabay alam mo naman pong mahina kalaban. Alam mo naman pong isa ako sa record holder ng pinaka may magulong utak sa mundo. Lahat ng gusto ko pinagbibigyan mo. Sabi ko gusto ko magkawork agad after ng board exam wala pang ilang linggo employed na ko! Gusto ko maging teacher, mga cute na Koreans pa binigay mo at may bonus pang trip sa Korea na kunyari di ko pinanghihinayangang di ko tinuloy. Ang hilig ko mag-quit kung kelan gumaganda na.. Nung one time na naisip ko ng magbalik loob sa pagiging nurse sinubukan kong gumamit ng ibang backer.. wala kahit isang nagtagumpay! Nung ikaw po ulet ginamit kong backer.. aba akalain mong halos lahat ng pinasahan ko pede ko ng pasukan! Kaso syempre sobrang tamad ko dun lang ako sa pinakamalapit. HAHAHA. Eh kasi nga masabi lang na ‘Oh ayan na ung panunumbat nyo..di na sayang ung lisensya ko..nagamit ko na right before magexpire!’ Pero lalo ko lang napatunayan na hindi talaga ako yun eh. Siguro lahat ng nurse pangarap makapasok sa ospital kasi nga yun ung norm pero who cares!? It’s our choice where are we going to use our license or if we wont use it at all. We must follow what our heart desire! Sa dami na ng naexperience ko sa buhay isa lang lesson natutunan ko. Kahit gaano pa kalaki swelduhin mo kung hindi ka naman masaya hindi ka magtatagal pusta ko pa buhay ko dyan! Kaya nga kahit hindi man iyon yung tama sa tingin ng iba.. Pakielam ba nila!? Isipin mo. . “Buhay ko to. . ako yung papasok araw araw at hindi naman kayo ang magiging miserable kung gusto nyo talaga edi kayo pumasok dun.”

Tama na ko sa pagsasayang ng oras. Let’s do this! Bago ako matulog.. Request lang oh..Lord, daang matuwid lang tayo ha? Pls